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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1

The full version of Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1 is normally the eLearning and 8 hours of range time.
These classes will be offered in a series of three mini-classes.  This will help you with the expense of ammunition and your time.  After registration you will be sent a link to the eLearning (classroom), and this must be completed prior to attending the range portion of the class. I do have 9mm & .380 range ammo for sale.

Class Description: One of the things stressed in this training is the likelihood of your needing a gun in self-defense is much more probable than you might think. In fact, the possibility of you encountering a deadly force incident is closer to 1 in 50. Therefore, this class was designed and created based on the deconstruction of hundreds of hours of videos documenting critical defense incidents of people like you. We will look at what was done correctly, allowing the 'good guy' to be successful. We will teach and practice what our brain & body does naturally and how it responds in a chaotic situation.

Curriculum Description: In this introduction course you will learn proper Defensive Shooting Fundamentals. Your instructor will help you build your foundation to include, grip, stance, kinesthetic alignment, all the way up to firing 3 to 5 rounds efficiently and effectively to neutralize the threat. Drills Include: Safety, Comfort, Competency Concepts, Medical, Extend-Touch-Press, Up through Up Multiples, Balance of Speed and Precision.